Monday, July 6, 2015

Free Advice!

Here is some free advice from me. 

If you want to really succeed, don't be a chippy bitch. Sounds simple, right?

Apparently not!

I experienced three, separate and unrelated Chippy Bitch episodes before noon today. Three completely different women regarding three completely different issues. Two on the phone and one in-person, just completely unnecessary rudeness. 

You cannot be a happy, joyful person and unleash your inner bitch at whim. The two simply don't go together. This is immature, silly behaviour which is ultimately self-defeating but gives a moment of empty "pleasure" and "satisfaction" to the perpetrator. 

I never take the bait no matter what the provocation. I will not give unhappy losers the fight they are looking for. In fact, I laugh and fart in their pathetic general direction.