Friday, July 3, 2015

Have We Reached Peak Leftism? Alternately Known As "They Know Better Than You"

Have we reached peak leftism?

My short answer: no.

Why? Because there is no peak, there is no limit. 

Another point of view, strangely optimistic: 

"The trend of the last 100 years is the Left’s takeover of the elite institutions, and that can seem final and inexorable—until you remember the old saying that trends continue until they don’t. Specifically, any trend that goes in a radical direction, moving a field or an institution way far out to one side, comes up against the problem of “reversion to the mean,” the natural tendency of a system to revert back to its historical averages."

I don't think this is a comparable situation because democracy is very young and very fragile.

Humans have never had as much freedom ever in human history, therefore, they have never been susceptible to losing as much freedom. History does prove though that once freedoms and liberties are taken-or rather stolen-they are very hard, if not impossible to regain without the majority of the populace expressing the will, and demanding their return, by force. 

Similarly, no government bureaucracy or program will put itself out of business. Not. Ever.

There is really no such thing as a "temporary" government program and there are no temporary assaults on liberty by the left or its jihadist playmates. It's an ongoing assault and sadly, most of the populace of Western nations has been so gradually seduced by the utopian, nanny state narcotic, that they can barely even see that there is a problem, never mind fighting back. They cannot even see through the narcotic nanny daze that something has been actually lost.

Perhaps more disturbing is that most of the population doesn't really care.

The anesthetic drip-drip effect is long-lasting and people are not even roused from their narcotic slumber even when reality punches them squarely in the face!

There are others who seem to agree with me that we haven't reached the peak. 

So I agree with this assessment:

"For leftists, ideology is religion. It’s their purpose for being."

(And this is why/how/how the hell to explain "Jewish liberals". Their religion is leftist ideology. They were just born Jewish.) 

"Leftists are godless, if true to their tenets. Generation to generation, we see leftists act out their beliefs with fervency and relentlessness. They bounce back from setbacks. They seek alternative routes when faced with obstacles. They accept small victories as progress. They keep their eye on the prize, and recognize that they may not live to tally final victories. The left fights tenaciously to keep the ground its won. And on the right, there are those who concede defeat easily."

Furthermore, and I also agree completely with this:

"Does anyone honestly think that the left leaves the field following its victory on homosexual marriage? Bigamy, polygamy, and group marriage, among other twists, await. Lines now are arbitrary between good and bad, right and wrong. We live in the Age of Subjectivism, after all."

"Further corruptions of marriage are implausible? Why? Much less than a generation ago it would have seemed incredible that the U.S. Supreme Court, influenced by fickle and facile public opinion, would force homosexual marriage on society. The left will make more attempts to degrade marriage. It can’t be underscored enough: the left’s aim is to undercut critical institutions. It intends to lay low any institution that prevents its supremacy."

I believe that this is also why there is an obsessive focus on "trans" issues, and why the vapid, under- gainfully employed masses with lots of time on their hands are so vociferously fighting for "rights" for a microscopic minority.

There is little to gain from this moral chaos except for more "living space" as Steyn puts it, for the extreme left.

You are expected to shut up and get with the program or else. How can one see this as anything but totalitarian?

Heretics shall be burned.

Kevin Williamson, of NRO thinks we have hit the peak, and concedes that the left is very effective: 

"You have to credit the Left: Its strategy is deft. If you can make enough noise that sounds approximately like a moral crisis, then you can in effect create a moral crisis. Never mind that the underlying argument — “Something bad has happened to somebody else, and so you must give us something we want!” — is entirely specious; it is effective."

Jonah Goldberg talks about giving the insatiable left too many cookies. It strikes me that the entire GOP in America is firing up their cookie-baking factories to make snacks for the left as America burns. Furthermore, NRO represents that squishy cookie-baking establishment brand of "conservative" Americans. The "please like us" brand of 100% failure, can't-win-an-election, the 'hey, it's pretty cool to have a government job' brand of "conservatives".

From his perch in the "Live Free or Die" state (hope that's still true, but I kinda sorta really doubt it nowadays) Mark Steyn, PBUH, ULULULU, this magnificent essay "Going With the Flow", does provide a very clear, realistic call to action. You have to read the whole thing of course, because only Mark Steyn could write an essay about the truly nauseating "choice" between living in Dar Al Gay and Dar Al Islam (never the twain shall meet). 

Why we fight: 

"I don't want to wind up with a choice between the twin totalitarianisms of soulless state-regulated hyper-sexualized semi-tyranny and sharia - because, if that's what it comes down to, I know who'll win. But conservatives have spent the supposed "end of history" winning a zillion elections, and losing everything that matters. To most of the so-called millennials, conservatism is entirely invisible except as a Jon Stewart punchline - and that invisibility was largely our choice."

"Instead of launching another radio show or news aggregator or think-tank [Ed. note: this is something that me and Draidlebaum always say-NOT ANOTHER F&CKING WEB SITE] never mind obsessing over whether Jeb or Jindal or Christie will play better in Iowa, we need to make like the Islamic mullahs and the sex mullahs and start competing for the space where people actually live."

That's exactly it.

Why are decadent, supine Westerners hell bent on making it so goddamn easy for them to crush us?

Exit question:

How are YOU going to live? 

Do you want to live free, or have you conceded, with an apathetic sigh that actually, "they know better than you"?