Monday, July 6, 2015

Israel's President Rivlin Pontificates on Islam, Doesn't Have a Clue

Please, spare me your "expertise". 

What a squish.

"Although he is not considered an expert on Islam, Rivlin said that Ramadan, the 30-day fasting and penitence period commemorated by Muslims, had been “exploited” by those seeking to turn its meaning into one of criminal and murderous terrorism: "I join in the concern of those countries around us, about the increase in terrorism, and I send mycondolences to the President of Egypt, and the Egyptian people, following the horrific terrorist attacks in the Sinai. In the face of these bloody events, we have the duty, all the children of Abraham, to condemn strongly, loud and clear, these atrocities committed 'in the name of God', or 'in the name of Islam’.”