Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mark Steyn Bitch Slaps Irrelevant Academic Into Oblivion


"The Stupidity of Sophisticates", is another Marksterpiece.

Seriously, the combination of Mark Steyn giving a real, honest to goodness history lesson (unlike his academic interlocutor who can only scream NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS) is a breath of fresh air and moderately arousing and can I put an apple on your desk, Prof. Steyn.

I gotta admit Kathy's header is pretty awesome as well and leaves nothing to the imagination.




Stupid Sophisticates, your betters, the people who should run your life because you're too stupid to know any better. The anointed ones.

It's not just "different when they do it" as Kathy says, it's also that they are allowed to lie and move the goal posts with impunity, and never with any consequences whatsoever.

When they make stuff up, and ruin lives in the process,  and lie through their teeth, it's not evil or criminal, it's the new "cry for help" or whatnot.

Mark Steyn mentions the Jews in Malmö, in the 'canary in coal mine' context and it's like I always say, what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. So seriously, screw Sweden. Hey, I don't even have to say 'screw Sweden' because Sweden is screwing itself.

To be civilized, the world needs more Jews, not fewer Jews.

Note Daniel Hannan's interesting plea for more Jews, if I might call it that. It's an interesting piece. But more than an essay about what happened to Jews, it's a recognition that Jews civilize society.

When Jews flee, or are persecuted it represents the beginning of the decline of the 'host' society.

Personally, I think it's too late for the UK. The demographics (and its cult of Celebrating Diversity) are its destiny.

Hannan says:

"The Anglosphere never suffered the devastating civilizational loss that most of Europe did in the 1930s and 1940s. Our long-settled Jewish populations make Britain a wealthier, more inventive, freer country. The thought of European Jews being pushed into emigration in our own age is depressing beyond words."

Hannan doesn't quite go there, but gets close. A society with less Jews means less culture and less freedom among other things. Were that Britain chose to culture and develop a Dar Al Yahud instead of its current deference for the Dar Al Islam.

At the end of the piece Steyn mentions a post of mine where I gleefully noted that Amy Schumer is not apologizing and then he totally harshes my "no apology" buzz.

This is a serious bummer. 

First I was bummed out, and then I got really pissed. 

You know why?

Because people are dying for our freedom, and then there are craven cowards who aren't even brave enough to tell a fucking joke and stand by it. 

How can one read about such a magnificent warrior from Israel and his courage, and not be appalled and revolted by the rampant cowardice of Western citizens?

Are there no "comedians", no humans on earth that refuse to apologize?

Where is the spirit of Andrew Breitbart who said, just say "so?"

You're offended? So? You hate my joke? So? 

For the most part, real life vultures at least have the courtesy to only start picking at human flesh after the human has died. They don't have much opportunity before, and that arrangement seems to work for them.

The barbarians first weaken our spirit, and then they gleefully destroy our flesh. 

They want to break us.

We need more human expressions of solidarity, just as Prince William has shown, more human resistance, more determination and far fewer post-facto weeping memorials. 

This is the time for leaders to shout, we are not broken! We will not surrender! To break protocol, to assure the citizens of free countries that this is not over. We will fight and fight and fight. Alas, the public, forthright declarations are far and few between.

In fact, there are more calls for capitulation than courage.

Woe unto us.

The Culture Vultures in our society pick at our living flesh and spirit while we are still trying to eke out a living, still trying to laugh and raise our children as free humans.

They have no patience or interest in waiting for our death of body, and are expert at hastening the death of spirit. They pick at our brains, our joy, and our flesh and blood all the time until there is nothing left but a hollow, skeletal zombie of a human, unable to laugh or express real, unadulterated joy.

The Culture Vultures sense weakness and smell blood.

They don't have to go in for a sharp, swift kill, they just peck, peck, peck until we lose all sense of self and doubt everything we have ever felt in our hearts and souls.  We make it so easy for them!

And pathetically, most free born peoples allow the pecking, allow the Culture Vultures and their curtain of gloom and death and tyranny to proceed, uninhibited. We live in a society of terrified masses, with most free-born citizens afraid even to tell a joke.

As Mark Steyn points out, trying to keep your head down was not a winning strategy in pre-Nazi or Nazi Germany. There are lessons to be learned, and if you're reading this, you are already at least moderately concerned.

So how will you walk on the street today? Head down, or chin up?

Will you do at least one thing today that reconfirms your commitment to being free?

Will you make it a habit, or will you try to stay out of the line of fire, and ultimately let the stupid sophisticates govern your life and every move?

If you take that one step, I salute you.

If not, I despise you.