Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obama's Deal: $15 Billion to Destroy Israel

"In life, we make compromises to those we hold in high esteem, to those who hold a place in our hearts, to those we feel merit concessions from us."

"To Iran, Mr. Obama has made the most earth-shattering compromises in the annals of history. Even Chamberlain did not provide Hitler with a $150 billion to arm-up."

"Mr. Obama compromised, worse, gave in, totally; surrendering on issues that will assuredly put the world in ultimate danger and enable Iran to forever manipulate, bite, and poison the world.

"He, evidently, feels an affinity for who they are and what they believe: their Shiite goals. He seems to love calling Mr. Khamenei what he would love being called: The Supreme Leader. \"

"In contrast, when dealing with Israel he has been unwilling to compromise on even one tiny, new Jewish apartment in Jerusalem. He and his delegates screamed at Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, so the world could hear, for permitting some innocuous, harmless room which was added to a Jewish building in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem."

"No compromise for Israel, not the slightest; yet total capitulation to Iranian Shiite Islam. Obama's heart is worn upon on his sleeve, and it can be seen to whom he defers as opposed to whom he constantly scolds."