Monday, July 13, 2015

Oregon: You Are Free to Shut Up


"For the Kleins, the process is the punishment."

(HEY! Didn't Mark Steyn copyright that?!?)

Investigator/gestapo, judge, jury, prosecutor, executor ALL IN ONE. What could possibly be wrong with that??! This is America, right?! That's totally fair, right?!?!

"What’s more, the Kleins and the complainants disagree sharply about what was said when one of the complainants and her mother were told the bakery could not provide the cake. The complainant’s mother says that Aaron Klein called the lesbian couple’s children an “abomination,” whereas Klein insists he did nothing more than quote Scripture to her when she tried to argue with him that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality. The labor department saw fit to take the complainant’s version of events as fact when it is pure hearsay."

"In addition to the absence of any respectable evidentiary rules, the standards for determining damages are ridiculous. The 178 claims of emotional damage quoted are so vague and unprovable as to be absurd: One complainant “felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful” and “pale and sick at home after work.” Some complaints consist of isolated words: “shock,” “stunned,” “surprise,” “uncertainty,” “torture.” According to Grey, there’s a reason the complaints sound fishy: “BOLI actually had a list of symptoms which they gave to the complainants, and the complainants checked the ones that they thought applied to them.”

"As if that weren’t bad enough, both the findings of the Kleins’ legal team and reports in local newspapers point to questionable ties between state officials and gay rights advocates."