Thursday, July 9, 2015

Steyn: I Do, and Sayonara

Mark Steyn has a bit of a depressing round up about the state of the world, with Japan providing the "America  Alone" story of the day. 

"It's an M&M&M world: Europe is going Muslim, America is going Mexican, Japan is going Manga. It will be for posterity to determine which is the least un-smart move."


Well, here's "America Alone" Japan story number 2. 

"It's the social and health crisis plaguing almost one million Japanese people."

"The sufferers of 'Hikikomori' – mostly young men - have such severe social withdrawal they isolate themselves in their bedroom, in some cases for years."

"One of the few hikikomori experts in Japan, Dr Takahiro Kato, suffered from the condition as a student and is now working to prevent it from having a widespread affect on the next generation."

"Dr Kato, who is studying hikikomori with a team of experts at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, said he had seen cases so severe that some men in their 50s had been withdrawn from society for more than 30 years."

Say, I have the cure for hikikomori. Stop "studying" these depressed, horrible people for thirty years and give them a good. swift kick in the pants. If they are clinically depressed, get them to a shrink. If they are just being indulged and lazy, and someone is ENABLING their "condition", give them a kick.

Why do I say this? OH HERE'S WHY.

"Dr Kato said he believed many environmental contributed to hikikomori, with most cases arising in middle class families."

'"It’s very rare to find hikikomori in poor families,' he said."

'So middle class environment, middle class families, have a high risk of hikikomori."

If you're starving for food and have to provide for yourself, there is no time for hikikomori.