Friday, July 3, 2015

The Blowback of the Oren Book

I think it shows that Oren remains pretty politically squishy-left.

Nonetheless, this is worth considering: 

"The greatest impact, which has yet to be fully assessed, is within the Jewish community. Oren does not mince words about his abhorrence with the manner in which certain Jewish “liberals” in the administration and media, such as Thomas Friedman and Leon Wieseltier, have goaded Obama to toughen his attitude toward Israel."

"I predict that when the dust settles, nothing will change with the far-Left liberals whose veneration of Obama is almost messianic. But among more open-minded pro-Israel Democrats, Oren is likely to have a profound impact and will hopefully encourage some of them to review their position. The conservatives will of course claim that they were always on the right side of the angels and that Oren is merely stating what they have been saying for years."