Monday, July 6, 2015

Why Republicans Will Not Win Any Elections

This is supposed to be an article about "fighting back" from NRO. 

I read the whole thing twice and although the kvetching about the current situation is clear and articulate, there is absolutely NO CALL TO ACTION.

There is no single instruction to intelligent, politically involved readers on exactly what they ought to be doing. Not everyone knows what they should be doing. There has never before, in American history been such a highly coordinated assault on personal liberty and the rule of law.

Yes, there were assaults on America during the Second World War by filthy communist fifth columnists, but they were not nearly as wide-spread and mainstreamed as now. There was no internet then. There was no convergence of the Islamic jihadists with the Western left. The stakes are higher now.

I think American Republicans don't actually want to win. They got comfortable with their government jobs, not making waves, and ceding ever more moral, intellectual and cultural space to the left.

Personally, I think Ted Cruz is the only reasonable hope.


This article is a squishy, flaccid disappointment, just like the bulk of the American (mostly male) "right".