Friday, September 11, 2015

Rosh Hashana, 9/11, Iran and Loss

I wanted to write a few short words about the 9/11 anniversary, but the words that I have at my disposal never seem to accurately convey the extent or the range of my feelings.

Truth be told, I've had a simultaneously joyful and heartbreaking week, but as a religious and politically conservative Jew, I understand that this is the real substance of life-the waves, the circle of life.

I have been preparing for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I was truly blessed to hear one of my children practicing blowing a shofar that he made at school. Something about the primal sound of the shofar sends chills up my spine. The Jewish New Year is a deeply introspective time.

I am disgusted with America's capitulation to Iran. I am revolted by the Obama administration's romance of Islamic terrorists and its disdain for Judeo-Christian culture, for his incessant efforts to flood America with lawless illegal immigrants and terrorists, and for attempting to permanently change the fabric of America, and pave the road to a possible nuclear attack against Israel by fanatic, unashamed, genocidal Shia fanatics that loathe Americans as well as Jews. I'm only comforted by Israel's resolve to stay alive, and by the Jewish people's resolve to stay alive and thrive.

It's hard for me to commemorate 9/11 because I think that most people still don't "get it". To accept that Islamic civilization is at war with us remains too bitter a pill to swallow for most people in the Western world.

Therefore, we cannot "win".

Our main victory is living well and free, and inculcating those values in our children, so all efforts on these fronts must continue with great strength and devotion even as radical, evil political leftists, and their Islamic colleagues and overlords continue to assault us all from every direction possible, never showing mercy, never giving up their fight-and so it will remain until time immemorial.

I remain appalled by the use of passive language to describe the "loss" of life, the lives "lost" on 9/11 and in other terrorist attacks. They weren't "lost".

We should never use those terms.

Using those terms is a form of surrender.

Those individuals were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

So spare me the rainbow photos because there are no rainbows or silver linings for the individual families, nor for our civilization without fighting the fight.

I must admit to being quite heartbroken also at the real "loss" of a beautiful, grace-filled, beautiful friend, who passed away suddenly in July, due to complications from an illness, and I only found out yesterday through a mutual friend. I have made many friends over the years through blogging, and writing and even if I haven't met all of my friends and contacts in real life, I am very attached to them.  The last e-mail I received from her was in early July, telling me about a wonderful cruise that she went on with her son and husband.

Susan, who lived in California, made me laugh. She had an autistic son. She was well-read, always praying for my family, for my special needs-son, for Israel and others. She was funny and sent me joyful videos of Jewish holiday songs. She was a righteous gentile, creative and loving. I cannot believe I have to refer to her in past tense. Every time I think about her son, wondering where his mother is, but not understanding I have to wipe my eyes. My only comfort is thinking of her in G-d's loving care.

That is real loss.

I feel an aching hole in my heart.

I was truly blessed to know her and will keep fighting on in her memory as well. My prayers are with her family. I think she knew how fond I was of her, I hope so. I actually loved her, truly. We were on-line pals and partners-in-crime for over a decade.

My friends, these are serious times on all fronts. A time for reflection, a time for blessings, for courage and resolve.

I implore you, to tell your friends and loved ones how you feel.

Make sure they know, because you really don't know if they know until they say so.

And you really don't know when is the last time you will have the privilege of expressing your love.

Shabbat Shalom to all and Shana Tova.

I will be back on line on Wednesday, September 16.