Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Too Delicious, Or Am I Crazy?

I've written a lot about the TSA's security kabuki and been disgusted over and over again by their harassment of disabled, and other assorted, completely innocuous elderly, infirm and other everyday travellers instead of you, know profiling people who actually might be terrorists.

And now, in a delicious taste of victim hierarchy social justice, the transgendered may be the ones to undo the TSA. Muslims are generally at the top of the victim pyramid, but "trans" is a very close second and may be punching over its weight now because trans is the new pet of the left.

Imagine if the undoing of the whole useless, fumbling TSA bureaucracy came tumbling down not because of dropping the ball on jihadist terrorists but because a TSA security "expert" became suspicious of a pole where there should be a hole or vice versa. 

Is this funny or what? Or is it pathetic? Both?

Or am I the only one with a deranged sense of humour? It can't just be me!