Friday, September 25, 2015

The Desecration of Ground Zero

At the time the plans were bubbling up, I wrote a lot about about the plans for a Ground Zero Victory Mosque and how a mosque at that site seemed to me the ultimate desecration  of the site, and there could not be a more supine and dhimmified response to the jihadist murders of September 11.

I still believe that a mosque at that site would be a terrible mistake, and an additional posthumous victory to global, jihadist nihilism.

However, the disgraceful conduct of the so-called "religious leaders" at Ground Zero today makes me reconsider my previous assessment of the ultimate desecration.

I think that Pope Francis has now defiled Ground Zero in a painfully shameless and evil and unprecedented way, and that all of the other disgusting hypocrites on that stage should also hang their heads in shame.

They are clearly not "religious" nor "leaders". However, it's not possible to shame the shameless so I doubt we will see anything but puffed up self-satisfaction from this cast of disgraceful characters.

The full transcript of the Pope's remarks are here.

This Pope, while Christians are being slaughtered in the oldest Christian communities of the Middle East, banters on about the weather. While at the sacred ground where more than 3,000 innocent individuals were ruthlessly murdered by Muslim terrorists, there is no mention of Islam anywhere in his remarks. 

Sadly, the Church has a perfect record of not recognizing evil in itself, within Nazis or amongst Muslims. It seems that is a designation reserved strictly for uppity Jews, especially Israelis, no matter how innocuous or self-preserving the act.

Given the nature of the Obama administration, it is not at all surprising that the Pope felt comfortable making his general, bland, aimless remarks. After all, he was among friends. Obama, too always has a moment to lecture and hector the Jews. 

President Obama is a deeply evil man, who loathes America, the Jews and Judeo-Christian civilization.

Therefore, it matters not "if" he is a Muslim, secretly or by nature of his father's religious beliefs when every single policy decision he makes benefits the most radical terrorists on the planet and the enemies of Western freedom. 

Dignitaries may have felt they had to hold their tongues, but family members of the victims should not have let the Pope get away with evil.

All the lies need to be called lies no matter who scripts them or acts in them. 

Those who do not speak up against the lies are complicit.

Those who silence the voices of truth, the voices of dissent, are complicit.

Those who go along with the New Rules of Totalitarianism, that "security is the new shut up", the new supine Mark of Submission, are complicit.

Simply put: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and name no evil is no way to fight evil.

And that's the world we are living in.

Woe unto us.