Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Europe Replenishes Itself With Six Million Muslims".

So, no-I am not weeping today about the European refugee crisis. This chap from Arutz 7 and I are on the same wave length.

"Bogart and Bergman will “always have Paris.” For the rest of us there is no more Paris."

"There is no more Europe, and it’s happening awfully fast."

I actually think it looks good on Europe.

Pity about Paris, I mean I really love Paris, but maybe the French don't deserve Paris anyway. You don't deserve what you are not willing to defend.

There won't be anymore lovely French wine, and fashion will be black garbage bags for chicks, one size fits all (NOTE: Hermes and Chanel-if you have a fire sale, not like the believers setting the infidel, kufar slut store on fire, but good deals, call me!), but the cheeses will be hallal, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

This pretty much sums up what I was thinking this morning, so read the whole thing: 

"Some time ago, in a particularly dark frame of mind, we wrote this for Arutz Sheva:"

“As for you masters of Europe and your treachery; one day your sly anti-Semitism will come back to haunt you. Over the centuries, you have uprooted a thousand synagogues and replaced them with ten thousand mosques. Wait, now, and see what grows from the soil of Ishmael. Your churches are next.

"That was back in 2003, and we guessed right."