Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Dress For Who You Aren't"

Or better yet, who you wish to become. I think that's my main takeaway from this thoughtful book review. 

"Fear & Clothing is ferociously good, particularly because, glinting among the non-advice, there are tidbits such as this: Throughout her travels, Wilson buys uncharacteristic clothing objects (a gold leather jacket, a shirt in coral silk so bright it practically vibrates) explicitly to test them as personality stretchers. In passing she applies them to the situation and to “fashion determinism” – her theory of the way fashion choices help achieve “minor ego death” and can assuage social misfitism. It’s the counter-intuitive tack to the usual “buy what suits you” piffle."

To change your presentation is to force the evolution of your character,” Wilson writes. “To reshape your insides and give your future self a jump-start, buy new boots you think are too exciting for you, and make your personality grow into them.”

"That, in the end, is a how-to – by example, teach, not preach, that fashion is permission."