Friday, September 18, 2015

Must Read Rush Limbaugh: The Media Declares Trumpania Over

This is a wonderfully insightful piece from Rush Limbaugh, who describes exactly what the leftist/mainstream media strategy is for crushing candidates who may actually, you know, want to WIN FOR A CHANGE.

It's brilliant. 

Limbaugh is a very clever man, and he is at his best when analyzing the motives of the left and how the political left strategically and stealthily implements its will through it's media wing. With regard to the elitists and their power-hungry club, it is not just made of leftists. It is also now largely comprised of sucky faux-conservatives who have gotten used to the good life (read: government).

Read every word. 

"Trump represents a threat to everybody in the establishment and to the political order of things. Folks, it's a club. We talk about the establishment and we give it names, the inside-the-Beltway elites, the ruling class or the establishment or whatever, but it's a club, and admission into this club has nothing to do with merit. There's no meritocracy involved in this."

"It's like any other club of elites. There are other determining factors. And Trump is never gonna be in it because he does not in any way subscribe to the way of life these people themselves live. It starts with where you go to school and how you're educated and where you work and for whom you work. And of course, what your attitudes are. None of this is ever spelled out. There are no bylaws in this club. There's no manual that says this is what you have to be."

"The way you know who gets in and who doesn't is how they react to people they don't want in the club. And you see it manifested as Trump. See, this is the thing, too. They know, they're fully aware, everybody in this club knows that in terms of numbers, they're a minority. They are the ruling class. They are the powerful elite, but they know that they are a really small number of people."

"And so how do they survive? How does a small number of people like this survive, being so outnumbered?"

"The way you do that is very simple: You get control of government and you simply legislate away liberty. You legislate away freedom. Little by little. And you do it under the guise of making everybody safe, or you do it under the guise of protecting the planet, or you do it under the guise of protecting the environment or protecting children or what have you."

"But little by little you limit the liberty and freedom of people you know who obey the law, for the most part."

"And that's how you ensure that even though you are massively outnumbered, you are never, ever anything other than but the boss and in power. And a lot of people want in this club. You can see who they don't want in it by how they treat people who try to get in it one way or the other."