Thursday, September 24, 2015

Steyn: The Emporer's Moral Narcissism

This is an excellent and very upsetting blog post from Mark Steyn. 

Part of me looks at Germany at says-looks good on you. 

You know Germany, you know Ms. Merkel, you murdered your Jews and then imported vast numbers of hostile and belligerent Muslims to "take their place", so say goodbye to your country.

Germany, like the rest of Europe, does not deserve a single Jew.

Steyn says:

"Watching European news broadcasts right now is like an insane demotic inversion of the Emperor's new clothes. "To a fool these thousands of fit young Muslim men appear well dressed and well fed. But a wise man such as Your Majesty can easily see that they are desperate starving refugees in rags." 

"And so as the trains pull in to German railway stations to disgorge men who meet no known definition of "refugees" they are greeted on the platform by volunteers offering food and second-hand clothes. The cameras do their best to alight on a telegenic moppet or a covered woman, but, even when they do, you notice that they're surrounded by a sea of confident vigorous males - who, according to the UN, make up 75 per cent of the "refugees"."

"That would be an unusual demographic distortion in most emergency situations. If 75 per cent of the Titanic's survivors had been men who'd left their women and children back on the ship, there might have been a few disapproving comments. But not here. And why complain that the Syrian refugees aren't really "refugees"? After all, they're not Syrian either. Only one in five of the arriving migrants are Syrians fleeing the implosion of their country.'

Steyn mentions this point about Angela Merkel in particular, and German demographics in general: 

"It's a good thing Germany has plenty of - oh, what's the word? - lebensraum. Angela Merkel, a childless woman, has been obsessed with her country's deathbed demography since taking office: Germany's fertility rate has fallen from 2.9 births per woman in 1965 to 1.3 today, and, even with immigration, they're already in net population decline."

Is Merkel completely unaware that she is not actually boosting Germany's health and demographic bottom line, but helping her Fatherland commit national suicide? 

Or is her behaviour a sinister, supine, crusty communist's belated deference to Islam and the leftist-Islamic alliance of our time? 

It's hard to say. 

A German academic says the following: 

"Germany's economic strength, a demographic decline and the need for labor all contribute to the welcoming of migrants including refugees.

How productive will these masses of Muslim immigrants be? 

Merkel is also selling this massive, Obama-style whopper to the German public: 

"Indeed, one reason the refugee influx is fine with German voters is that Merkel insists the country will still balance its budget without new debt, and that taxes won't need to be raised to deal with the refugee crisis."

She is ignoring the perfectly legitimate concerns from her fellow citizens about the Islamization of Europe. She basically sneers at the suggestion that there is any problem with her strategy of flooding the country with Muslim migrants. 

An Israeli psychiatrist once said that Germany will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz. 

That's what I was reminded of when I read this paragraph in the Bloomberg article: 

"Asked to explain the new [Ed. note: i.e positive] attitude, German academics often mention the country's history."

"German citizens know that the regulations of the Geneva Refugee Convention stem from the historical experience with Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust," says Petra Bendel of the Central Institute for Regional Research at Erlangen, in Bavaria. "

"Also, after World War II, many Germans were refugees themselves." It may seem hard to believe that history lessons trumped by xenophobia in the 1990s have finally sunk in, but that's the consensus."

Perhaps Merkel and other ordinary Germans have "finally" found a way to absolve themselves of Holocaust guilt, simply by quietly committing suicide by invasion. The Europeans patting themselves on the back for their good hearts will soon find themselves looking hunting for beer, but becoming hunted themselves, sacrificing their daughters to rapists  and to the child abusers over and over again, bracing for a rape epidemic! Deferring to the "psychologically ill"-now whatever could that illness be called? 

Perhaps this is Merkel's final solution for Germany, the final absolution of Holocaust guilt: a Germany that is no longer Germany. 

As Mark Steyn says: 

"If everyone goes to Germany, there will be no Germany to go to. But Angela Merkel has given a generation of young men from the Mahgreb to the Hindu Kush their battle cry. And the lesson of this month is that no one will stop them."

"Oh, don't get me wrong. There are real refugees in Europe, and there will be more: Ask a Jew in Toulouse, a gay in Amsterdam, an uncovered woman in Rosengard..."