Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yes, You Can Shut Down Belligerent Big Clime Liberals

Really good stuff.

First, here's Ted Cruz showing how to shut up idiot liberals on global cooling global warming climate change weather.

He majestically points out that oddly enough, the "answer" to all of liberals' problems is massive, government control of every element of our lives.

This is an outstanding line: "when you start to see politicians who propose the exact same solution to every problem regardless of the facts or the data you start to think these are politicians who just want power over our lives".

The more I think about it, the more I love that little nugget.

It's clear, and concise and very useful.

This is really how it's done. 

Second attempt at derailing Cruz here, and it was another total FAIL.

The climate religion is just another attempt by the left to take control of all of our lives and of Western economies.

It's about control, and not the weather.

And if there's one thing the left is very serious about, it's power.

And that's really why the stakes are so high for Mark Steyn in particular and free speech and freedom in general right now.

Steyn, just to review, by way of a pretty benign 140-word blog post, inadvertently poked the Big Climate Bear and not "just" an isolated, thin-skinned academic.

Climate change is just a new name for an old problem/movement: totalitarianism. It's one of the most creative veils for totalitarianism because it can encompass so much of every day life, and there is no sector of any Western economy that can be exempt from its massive, and ever-encroaching purview.

That's why the fight is so intense. The stakes are much bigger than one author and one lawsuit. There is a very large principle at stake-freedom of speech. Without that freedom as our bedrock, our other freedoms will simply crumble in front of our eyes.

Freedom of speech is the foundation upon which we build our free, fragile, democratic, Western, Judeo-Christian houses upon.

Don't let them tear down YOUR house.

The details of the release of Steyn's new book, are here. 

And do check out Steyn's interview with John Oakley earlier this morning and with Sean Hannity last night.