Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Invasion of Eurabia: Looks Good on You, Europe.

The "migrants" are a actually an invading force of mostly male, able-bodied Muslims. 

Europe will be conquered relatively easily by a rousing, cheerful chorus of "Takbir-Allahu Akbar".

Repeat after me:


Disgusting, belligerent ingrates. 

Denmark thinks that placing ads is going to dissuade the marauding invaders. What. A. Joke.

The only thing that will stop them, is not letting them in, and not giving them extensive welfare benefits upon arrival. Any country that is serious about halting the invasion has to take an Australian approach or a Kiwi approach. 

"People were drowning at sea because of the incentives that were being provided by their cockamamie humanitarian ethos. It is much more humane for people to go through an orderly migration program, to be put in a place where they are safe and where they do not have to take such tempting things."

Even the crappy, backward Muslim sh&hole countries don't want any of their brethren.

And you know what? North Americans should not be so smug. 

By the way, lots of elements of the toddler on the beach story are also very strange.

To wit:

But I can't say I feel sorry for Europe.

I mean, I am angered as I watch an invasion take place, and I can envision how bad it is going to get in Eurabia, and I think the passive culture and national suicide of Europeans is really pathetic, but THIS is the bed that Europe has made.

Europeans murdered their Jews, took everything they had, their lives, their children, their books, homes, Judaica, insurance policies, artwork, the gold from their teeth-everything of value that was ever owned by a Jew and had little regret or remorse.

The Europeans, not having learned the lessons of history, but coyly blathering on about "Never Again"  and sobbing uncontrollable crocodile tears about the dead Jews at Holocaust memorials, while simultaneously loathing you know, LIVE JEWS and Israel, they continued to torment their Jewish neighbours and simultaneously import vast swaths of Jew-hating Muslims, who would continue to chase, torment and murder their Jewish neighbours and fellow citizens from the middle east right onto the streets of Europe. 

The Jews that survived the Holocaust and went back to Europe after the war are now, once again being hunted like animals by the "neo" Nazis that were imported to the continent by the feckless European elites and their complicit, leftist citizen collaborators. 

So, screw you, Europe. 

I mean it.

Screw you. 

Evidently, this is what Europe wants.

Europe, with the exception of a couple of "new" European countries, clearly wants to become Dar Al Islam. 

They like walking on the short road. 

They like the slow, painful, rape filled, expensive, mind-controlling, repressive, totalitarian, shari-creeping suicide. Only Slovakia and Hungary are making any sense.  

The "return" of left-wing antisemitism my tuchus.

As it always was, it remains. 

So spare me the sob stories about the washed up toddler.

I'm still mourning my dead. 

So, rest not in peace Europe.

You will pay many times over for your fecklessness and soul-rotting Jew-hatred.