Wednesday, September 16, 2015

American Murder Factor: "Fresh Hearts, Eyes and Gonads For Sale"

You know, my late grandmother used to go to the local fish monger and ask if the fish was fresh.

Even when they were still swimming in the tank, she would ask: ARE THEY FRESH???

Then she would take them back to the house in a bag of water (STILL FRESH), pop them in the bathtub with water (STILL FRESH) and then whack them to death, where they would eventually become gefilte fish (REST IN PEACE). We used to laugh about it, and the line ARE THEY FRESH, remains etched in my mind.

But when you're talking about baby parts, it's a whole different level of evil, this is truly an American genocide on a Mengele level of barbarism and disinterest and indifference to life.

Baby parts? Human specimens?


Yes, of course they are fresh!

Get your baby parts right here, America. 

Woe unto us.