Thursday, September 10, 2015

US Immigration "SNAFU" Is Despicable, Punishing the Wrong People All the Time

Basically, my blood boils about these kinds of stories. 

Under the Obama administration, America is being invaded by illegals.

But people who follow the laws are punished to the point of no return: deported, and separated even when a life is about to come to an end.

This is absolutely disgusting. 

"John Oliver's last chance to live out his days with his son in New Jersey might have been to sneak across the U.S. border, but the ailing, 89-year-old World War II Royal Air Force veteran didn't want to break the law.

"Instead, Oliver -- who lives in the Bailiwick of Jersey, the largest of England's Channel Islands -- and his son, an American citizen, went about it the honest way, filing all the tedious paperwork and paying the required fees to secure him a green card."

"All seemed to be going as it should until immigration officials determined Oliver must be barred from re-entering the U.S. for the next 10 years because he overstayed a 90-day visa issued in 2011, when his wife was dying and doctors recommended the couple remain under the care of their 61-year-old son in New Jersey."

"Our biggest mistake was being honest," his son, Robert Oliver, of Vernon, N.J., told Wednesday. "Lawyers told us we should have just kept him here illegally."
Americans are the only ones who can change this.  This man served his country, and his treatment is utterly shameful.

This is essentially what the American election is about.

Does America want another regime of lawlessness, of punishing the honest and the law-abiding, or does America want a return to law, order, and constitutional republicanism?

Read this and weep:

"When Betty Oliver suffered a stroke in June 2012, Robert Oliver and his fiancée notified immigration officials that the two had overstayed their visa and explained the circumstances.

"At no point did it even cross our mind that this man should leave the country and leave his wife," Bradley told "She [Betty] was so dependent on him. They were married for nearly 70 years."

"In November 2012, Betty Oliver died while in hospice care in New Jersey. At that point, Oliver and Bradley turned their efforts into securing a green card for John Oliver, whose health was also declining. They filed forms with the State Department, Homeland Security and its immigration enforcement arm, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS."

"The applications were denied, the couple said."

This story is so disgraceful, and so representative of the callous, bloated, indifferent bureaucrats running America that it is simply heartbreaking.

These murdering thugs get the kid glove treatment, of course.

Celebrate diversity, America!

Diversity is your strength murder. 

It is only when a very bright and incessant spotlight is shone upon these disgusting, corrupt, power hungry, sadistic, bureaucratic sociopaths, will this particular situation, and the general situation for America, change. 

Don't expect them to do the right thing. Make it frigging impossible for them to do the wrong thing.