Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elderly Holocaust Survivors in Amsterdam Attacked By Savage Moroccans Screaming "Dirty Jews"

An elderly couple, Holocaust survivors, were beaten to a pulp by Moroccan barbarians in Holland. 

The couple were beaten so badly that they are now confined to wheelchairs.

They survived the Nazi Holocaust, returned to their European homes to try to build a life and have now been savagely attacked by the real "neo" Nazi barbarians invading Europe.

It clearly was not sufficient that the Jews were hunted like animals by the Nazis. Europe needed to import more savage barbarians to finish the job that Hitler started in Europe and almost finished.

So, Fuck Europe. 

I hope the remaining Jews get out with their suitcases and all their belongings, and not in coffins, and I hope Europe enjoys being part of the new caliphate.

Enjoy the invasion, Europe. You deserve it.