Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In Which I Consider How the H-E-"Double Hockey Stick" Mark Steyn Got the Pope To Coordinate Climate Prayer Day With His Book Launch?

I knew Steyn was connected, but this is pretty cool. 

(Note: "H-E, "double hockey stick" = H-E-L-L!)

Kudos to Steyn's crack management and PR team for pulling this off! 

The Church of Climate change is giving all other world religions (with the exception of Islam) a run for their money.

It's probably the fastest-growing religion in the world (with the exception of Islam).

It has High Priests, goofy altar boys, liturgy, hymns, services, creation myths-it's all encompassing.

Anyhoo, it was really so, totally sweet of the Pope and President Obama to coordinate with Steyn on this important climate project!

Is there nothing Mark Steyn cannot do? 

This is either a sign of the healing of the planet and the oceans, or the coming of the apocalypse. I'm not sure, but who cares?!?! You know what to do: BUY, READ!

You know, I postulated earlier that Steyn's book was a entirely new genre, because there's no official "Screw You" genre in Western literature as far as I know (yet).

Apparently his new book was classified by Amazon UK as a "scientist biography", so he's asked them to re-classify his book under "Bestsellers about Fake Nobel Laureates".

Works for me!