Monday, November 4, 2013

Afghanistan: A Portrait of How Wishful Thinking By Naive and Feckless Western Dhimmis Is Deadly

This is a tragic story. 

We should not waste any more beautiful Western lives on the rot and filth of Afghanistan.

Why are our soldiers dying for sharia? 

This is how British and other Western families have their loved ones murdered, indeed sacrificed on the altar of wishful thinking.

We in the West simply have different concepts of freedom than those in other societies, particularly those based on Islamic sharia law.

We are not speaking the same language. 

For us, freedom means liberty. Personal liberty and individual liberty.

For them, freedom means the freedom to live under sharia.

But instead of dealing with this head on, the wishful thinking continues-and the cost of that wishful thinking is blood. The blood of fine young men and women who signed up to defend their country and their country's values. Not sharia.

This is the story of two British soldiers who photographed their killers moments before they were shot in cold blood by their Afghan "allies'.

"A British serviceman took a photograph of two rogue Afghan policemen moments before they shot him and a comrade dead, an inquest heard."
"Cpl Brent McCarthy, 25, had been posing for pictures with his supposed allies moments before he was shot dead alongside L/Cpl Lee Davies, 27."

"Moments after the photograph was taken, the Afghan policemen opened fire in one of a wave of attacks by rogue Afghan security forces to strike British forces last year"

Really? How many "rogue" attacks does it take for it to be considered "regular" or "habitual"? The answer of course is "never" if the perpetrators are Afghani Muslims with Taliban sympathies and "forever" when there is a white, Christian crazy person shooting at masses in the United States. 

And now, more politically correct, murderous gobbledeygook:

"Guardsman Joshua Foley, of the Welsh Guards, said the training group had "a good relationship" with the Afghans but that at some point a new local police unit had moved into the base and there were several unfamiliar faces when they had arrived that afternoon"

"He said his unit had been trained to pick up on warning signs - "atmospherics" - to help pre-empt any possible attacks by Afghan security forces, which are known in the Army as a green on blue incident."
"However, asked by the coroner for Oxfordshire Darren Salter if he was aware of any heightened risk prior to the patrol setting out he said he was not, adding "the atmospherics were fine".

Atmospherics. What a load of dogsqueeze. Utterly contemptible.

This is the suicide of the west. The death wish. This is our participation in it.

Lights out on freedom, and with nary a whimper, much less a bang. 

The Afghan policemen who killed the two British servicemen
Afghan "allies" moments before murderous "atmospherics".