Monday, November 4, 2013

Liberty Alert: Trusting the State is Costing Us Our Freedom

An excellent essay from Janet Daley at The Telegraph.

Read the whole thing.

"When exactly did the West stop referring to itself as the “Free World”?"

"Presumably, it roughly coincided with the end of the Cold War. When that clear division between a totalitarian Eastern bloc, with its command economy and closed society, and the Atlantic model of individual liberty, gave way to a much messier and more ambiguous global picture — that must have been when the certainty of our commitment was lost. Perhaps because freedom does not seem under such imminent existential threat, nations that would once not have dreamt of trifling with its basic principles are taking cavalier risks." 

Then, an observation about the "un-free" Western world:

"But mostly, it is the dangers of a newly unstable world that are held responsible for this complacency about un-freedom. Paradoxically, we must now emulate the illiberal intrusion of the tyrannies we defeated a generation ago in order to protect ourselves from the nihilistic threats that have emerged to replace the old, more predictable danger that they presented."

"Maybe you are prepared to buy this."