Friday, November 8, 2013

New Canadian Video Scandal: Where is the Mark Steyn "Windmills of Your Mind" Video?


Apparently, I'm the last woman in the world not to have seen the infamous Mark Steyn 1978 Betamax classic: Windmills of Your Mind video!!

I am sobbing so hard that my shoulder pads are shaking out of my blouse!

The tears from my baby blue eye shadow are spilling right down, all the way to my new legwarmers by the light of my lavalamp and watching Flashdance again-that always cheers me up.

Maybe I'll make a new mixed tape to listen to while I cruise around in my K-car???


But seriously-always lots of good nuggets in Mark Steyn's weekly appearance with Hugh Hewitt on the radio.

Has America reached the tipping point with Obamacare?

Interesting thoughts in here.