Sunday, November 30, 2014

Journalists: Your Moral and Intellectual and Too Scared To Read Comments Superiors

When I read this article yesterday I did a MASSIVE EYE ROLL. 

Like  ****EYE ROLL*****

The good stuff is always in the comments.

If you can't handle being called a name, Anne Applebaum, or a whatever, then you are in the wrong line of work.

I for one, relish the comments on all the stuff that I write. Bad, good, antisemitic.

The days of columnists and preening opinion journals being totally and hermetically sealed off from criticism are OVER.


Given that many friends of mine have been sued for blog comments, I don't allow comments here, but I'm an e-mail away and most of the articles that I have published in the mainstream media have allowed comments. Some pretty awful, some pretty supportive.

The comment section is even more free than the letters to the editor section, and that's why journalists and politicians fear it. Letters are accepted or not, edited down-it's not always a pure reflection of the writer's opinion.

Comments on mainstream media sites have levelled the playing field.

Now, anyone with access to the Internet can be heard and published.

There is no more (mostly left-wing) media monopoly on opinion.

And that's a very, very good thing.

So if you can't handle being called a name, or fear more intelligent comments on your piece than you could have ever come up with, or idiots BACK AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER WITH YOUR HANDS UP.

Same with "cyber bullying".

Shut your damned computer off if you can't handle it, whatever "it" is.

You're welcome.