Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Imperial, Post-American, Rogue President Who Should Be Impeached

"Congress has few tools to discipline a truly rogue president. It can de-fund the government’s ability to process those who are included on Obama’s amnesty. He will veto any such measure. That sets up the possibility of a government shutdown, and even though the president will be to blame, the media will blame Republicans entirely. Obama is banking on that."

"Congress can impeach a rogue president. Obama himself, in his many statements on the illegality of his actions, has built up a decent rhetorical case for his own removal from office. But the Republicans are not interested in impeaching the nation’s first black president, and removing him does not solve the problem anyway. Vice President Joe Biden would rise to the presidency."

"Barack Obama, the former adjunct constitutional law professor, has found a weakness in the system of checks and balances. They require men and women of honor who will be bound by the law and their word, and who cherish our constitutional order. Barack Obama is bound by none of that. He is only bound by his self love and his ambition, both of which are considerable, and his desire to break a constitutional system that he clearly disdains."

"Obama’s hacking of the Constitution will continue for two more years, after which he hopes to have finished his fundamental transformation of America — away from a sound system that restrains would-be tyrants, toward a system that empowers and emboldens them."