Friday, November 21, 2014

When A 100 Year Old Woman Sees The Ocean For the First Time

This is a lovely story.

There are so many people who have never had a break from working, the people who work the land especially can never really get away.

Imagine, after 100 years on this glorious earth, finally dipping your toes in the ocean. 

"Ruby Holt spent most of her 100 years on a farm in rural Tennessee, picking cotton and raising four children. She never had the time or money to go to a beach."

"That finally changed this month, just a few weeks shy of Holt's 101st birthday."

"Thanks to a partnership between the assisted living center where Holt lives and an organization that grants wishes to the elderly, Holt got to see the ocean for the first time during an all-expenses-paid trip to the Gulf of Mexico."

First dip: Ruby Holt saw the ocean for the first time after being granted a birthday wish by a charity. The 100-year-old has never traveled to the beach, spending her life working on a Tennessee farm