Friday, November 14, 2014

"Gunman Toured Parliament Hill Weeks Before Attack"

So what can we make of this? 

That it was a meticulously calculated attack, not spontaneous and not random, obviously.

I'm also interested in hearing a little more about the parents of this "lone wolf".

The Libya connection seems to me to be a galactic sized elephant in the room. 

There is much that is not being discussed.

The other thing that we should be discussing is not feeling guilty or sheepish at all when we see suspicious things or people.

I'm certain that if enough people were asked, someone would remember seeing the jihadist on the tour, feeling something strange about him, but fearing some kind of politically correct backlash for acting on, or reporting that weird feeling. 

As per Theresa Spagnuolo: 

"Passenger screener Theresa Spagnuolo testified, "I just had a weird feeling in my gut that something was wrong."

Our reluctance to appropriately respond to suspicious behaviour has been neutered, and indeed castrated entire populaces within the Western world.

Where once we would have acted on suspicion, on instinct, that proper, deeply human and rational response to danger-our danger radar-has been drummed and beaten out of us because of course we wouldn't want to offend the people that may want to murder us.

Fortunately, not everyone has forgotten their instincts.