Monday, November 24, 2014

OMG Tim Blair Is Hysterical (For Real, I'm Dying!)

I thought I was clever when people asked me what I collected and I answered "people", which is seriously true.

I hate STUFF and I love PEOPLE.

So, for basically a nobody, I have a lot of somebody's in my "Rolodex".

Of course, I don't have a Rolodex, that is just more old crappy STUFF that I totally I hate,  I mean it figuratively of course. OK fine, in my "contacts"...WHATEVS!!!

I like putting people together, making contacts, schmoozing. I thought my collection was the best thing ever...until I read this post by Tim Blair.

I think I need to copy his hobby and collect stupid stuff said by the left as well. 

Best collectibles ever, ever EVAH EVAH BUT EVAH!?!?!?!!