Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transparent Tyranny: Don't the Republicans Understand Their Duty?

(Answer-obviously not.) 

"According to Obama, a president is entitled to ignore the separation of powers in the Constitution if Congress fails to enact his legislative preferences."

Yet the feckless, gutless party of castratti refuses to act: 

"The fear appears to be that voters will punish the GOP in two years for opposing Obama’s open tyranny. In other words, GOP leaders think the American people prefer unconstitutional government to a limited government shutdown aimed at stopping it. If that is true, American democracy is as degraded as Jonathan Gruber’s infamous remarks suggest."

As Mark Steyn says: The left is serious about power.

The GOP is clearly not and is willing to sacrifice the American Republic out of sheer cowardice and a preference for plodding along being elected instead of leading or being in power. Shame on them.

Pathetic eunuchs.