Friday, November 14, 2014

Yoram Ettinger: "There Is No Such Thing As A Lone Wolf"

Do read the whole thing. 

Yoram Ettinger is very smart indeed. He also has debunked all of the 'Israel will get flooded and not be democratic blah blah blah' baloney. He really has crushed the demographic myths.

"The perpetrators of Arab/Muslim terrorism, and Palestinian terrorism in particular, are never lone wolves, as they are sometimes described. They are the byproducts of a centuries-old intolerant ideology, supported by educational and religious indoctrination and incitement, operating systematically in kindergartens, schools, universities, mosques and regime-controlled media."

"Arab/Muslim terrorists are not driven by social, economic and human rights grievances, but by an intense, fanatical worldview, which loathes civil liberties and considers freedoms of religion, press, association and movement, as well as women's rights, an abomination. In fact, oppressed groups in the non-Muslim world rarely resort to terrorism."


"The battle against Palestinian terrorism is undermined by the futile focus on the symptoms (individual terrorists) rather than the root cause (hate education). In other words, let us not chase individual mosquitoes; let us instead drain the swamp"
"Counterterrorism is further undermined by the immoral-moral equivalence applied to Palestinian perpetrators and their Israeli victims; by the knee-jerk pressure of Israel urging sweeping concessions and restraint, thereby emboldening terrorists; ignoring Abbas' terrorist/subversive track record in order to promote wishful-thinking; and extending counterproductive financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, which bankrolls hate education."