Friday, November 28, 2014

I Like This Pope

I really do.

Now, I'm not crazy about the idea of having a 'dialogue' with ISIS-that's a bunch of hooey. It needs to be destroyed, of course.

But what I really like about this Pope is his embrace of the disabled and the disfigured, and certainly his humility. He may not have any divisions (as per Stalin) but he's got a lot of grace.

This is very clear and wonderful as well:

"We must make it absolutely clear that anti-Semitism is a sin. One of the reasons I'm here is to remind the Christian world that our roots are in Judaism. In every Christian, there is a Jew; and you can't be a true Christian if you don't recognize your Jewish roots. I don't mean Judaism in the ethnic, origin, sense, but from the religious aspect. And I think interfaith dialogue must place an emphasis on the inseparable connection between the religions, on the fact that Christianity grew from within Judaism. That is our challenge."

"Pope Francis, as is his custom, conveys this message through a story. In conversations with other religious figures, he likes to tell a tale about a group of anti-Semitic priests who were sitting together in a room and badmouthing the Jews, with a picture of Jesus and Mary hanging on the wall above their heads. "

"And then, suddenly," Pope Francis says, "Jesus steps out of the picture and says, 'Mom, let's go, they don’t like us here either."