Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mark Steyn: "Personally, I Like Hate"

Let's get that on a t-shirt, baby. 

(I know it's a throwaway line, a tiny little quip in a small blog post, but it's quite EXCELLENT, ya know?!?! I mean I really, really, like it. Not in love with it, but it's definitely a smile-maker...)

So, the Prophet of Free Speech, Mark Steyn, PBUH has a few choice words on the subject of the policing of speech and thought: 

"Personally, I like hate."

"I don't mean I hate Zach Traynor, although I do despise him - as the pampered beneficiary of a glorious inheritance too dim to understand what he's betraying.

Then, Steyn explains it even more slooooooooooowly for those who still refuse to get it:

"The freedom to hate is part of what makes us human, and what makes us free..."


Where individual's thoughts are repressed all the time, explosions are bound to occur.

All experimentation with human nature leads to toxic results.

When man central plans, human disasters occur.

Look at the one-child policy in China, starvation in the Soviet Union. Look how sexuality is repressed in the Muslim world, or how explosive antisemitism is the only permissible form of political expression in the Muslim world (hey-what could possibly be wrong with that?). Obviously these are but a few examples of the trend.

But facts are irrelevant to the planners, to the utopians, to the totalitarians.

Further down the post, Steyn brings us-in his inimitable way-back from the macro to the micro, and then to the macro again.

And believe me when I say: 

"Nobody does it better."

(Heh, see what I did there-if you don't get the reference nevermind.)


"I wouldn't necessarily want to argue that Jian Ghomeshi, the impeccably liberal, progressive CBC radio host of plonkingly correct attitudes Tweeting out his support for #EndViolenceAgainstWomenDay all year long while cheerfully punching their lights out in his apartment every night, is a testament to the strain of living under such a regime, but the strange, increasingly vicious urge to ban, silence, forbid, exile, obliterate even the mildest disagreeement that now characterizes "liberal" institutions such as the academy suggests that the formal proscription of "hate" only leads it to find other outlets."

"The world Traynor's generation is ushering in will be be bloodier than one of Mr Ghomeshi's dates."

(Ouch! OH MAH GAWD that must have hurt. Oh, silly, I'm not talking about the alleged Ghomeshi date "love taps", it's the insult, people, the insult!!! GAH! Good one!!) 

(Note: It is not BDSM to like when Mark Steyn hurts alleged perpetrators of assaults with his words. It's just a thing, and everyone has their thing, or things. And it's moderately arousing amusing, OK?  Just clarifying, now carry on...Where were we? Sorry, IS IT HOT IN HERE?!?!)


Related-a wonderful essay from Daniel Hannan, which is basically a love letter to (The) Magna Carta.  

(Right on, dude. I mean, if you were ever going to write a love letter to a document-this is the one. Righteous.)

Anyone in the Washington, D.C area who cares about free speech really should go to this this magnificent document.

OOOH, maybe Dr. Mann will go at the upcoming trial of the century?!?!  Ha ha. JUST KIDDING. JOKEY JOKEY.

Do read the whole piece which contains this fantastic little line:

"Magna Carta is the Torah of the English-speaking peoples".

I mean, how awesome is that line? How totally Jewlicious? Like for real!!!

He furthermore notes that it is "the text that sets us apart while at the same time speaking universal truths to the human race".

Hannan says because of this "We're luckier than we know".

(I would argue that the profound, chosen ignorance of so many, and the pathetic, utter intellecutal  laziness of the Western populace in consciously choosing not to understand the utter fragility of democracy or history is the problem-but what do I know?) 

Steyn talks of the young pantywaist scribe who is "the pampered beneficiary of a glorious inheritance too dim to understand what he's betraying".

These gentlemen get it.

Now, let's all force the dim to put the lights of liberty back on.