Thursday, November 27, 2014

John Cleese: Political Correctness is "Condescending"

Plus bonus highly theoretical question: what happens when you make jokes about Muslims?

(Because he is not actually making any jokes about them, merely mentioning the subject.)

Cleese's answer: they kill you. 

Stinky, stupid, totalitarian theories don't work in practice. Ever.

"John Cleese has argued that political correctness is 'condescending' as it only allows jokes to be made about certain groups while implying others need to be protected."

(Actually it's less about protection, that's merely the ruse, another Big Lie, and more about censorship, policing and criminalizing legitimate human thoughts and emotions.)

"Speaking to Bill Maher on HBO, the legendary comedian said he used to make race jokes about nationalities such as the French and Australians - but if he mentioned Mexicans it was deemed unacceptable."

'It's so awful isn't it? he said. 'It starts out as a halfway decent idea, and then it goes completely wrong.”

I think he's totally wrong about political correctness starting out being a " halfway decent idea".

It's not.

It sucked from the get go. It's like the people who say that communism is a really nice idea but it doesn't work in practice, or "THIS TIME" we'll make it work.

Totalitarian ideas are never any good at all.

Nothing about them works in practice-not ever. So screw them.

"The British comedian then goes on to say suggest that the reason you can't make jokes about Muslims is because 'they'll kill you'."

"Who are the people you can't make jokes about?' he asks Maher who instantly responds: 'Muslims'"

"Try that,' he adds. 'See what your Twitter feed says."

"A laughing Cleese responds: 'That's not saying that you can't, it just means that they'll kill you."

"Theoretically you could."

"The comedian added:

"The problem is if you make jokes about people who are going to kill you, there is a sort of tendency to hold back a little isn't there?"

Ya think?