Friday, November 14, 2014

UK Rabbi Says: "I Won't Let Antisemities Win" - Sorry, They Have Already Won

This is my kind of Rabbi. 

"A prominent rabbi in the northern English city of Manchester has spoken out publicly about the spate of anti-Semitic attacks that has targeted his community – and vowed that the bigots will not win."

I like his spirit, however, it's really too late for the United Kingdom. 

The way we Jews "win" is yes, by not being intimidated but also by living. In order to live freely as Jews, we have to recognize when certain societies have become so inhospitable to Jews and Judeo-Christian values that they are not liveable for Jews.

This is definitely how I see the United Kingdom and most of Europe.

You cannot "fight" antisemitism. You can only fight our enemies.

Living and living well and free and unafraid is just one part of it.