Friday, November 21, 2014

A Request From Four of the Five Widows of the Jerusalem Terror Attack

A Shabbat request: 

Heartbreaking, yet their rock-steady faith is inspiring and defiant.

This is the Jewish way. 

"We turn to our brothers and sisters, everyone from the House of Israel, wherever they may be, to stay united so as to merit compassion and mercy from on High."

"We should take upon ourselves to increase love and brotherliness between man and his fellow man, between our various communities and among different sectors of society."

"Our request is that each and every person take upon himself or herself at the time of welcoming the Shabbat, that this Shabbat, Shabbat Parashat Toldot, will be one in which we express our love for one another, a day on which we refrain from speaking divisively or criticizing others."

"Doing so will be a great merit (zchut) for the souls of our husbands, slaughtered in sanctification of G-d's blessed Name."

"May G-d look down from Above, see our pain, and wipe away our tears. May He proclaim: "Enough suffering, enough grief",  and may we merit the coming of the Redemption speedily and in our days, amen, amen."