Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Bureaucratic "Bungling" That Could Have Saved British Soldier Lee Rigby

This is what bureaucracies excel at: screwing up and covering up and ultimately-enabling jihad.

And the cost in human life never matters and is never punished.

Therefore, there is no deterrent. So don't say you weren't warned. 


"Security officials made a string of blunders in tracking the fanatics who butchered Lee Rigby, an official report said yesterday."

"Agents dismissed Michael Adebolajo as a drug dealer who was not a threat to national security weeks before the merciless killing outside Woolwich barracks in London in May 2013."

"By that time, Adebolajo and his accomplice Michael Adebowale had featured in seven MI5 investigations. In the case of Adebowale, he first came to the attention of MI5 in August 2011 after studying hate-filled extremist material on the internet. However, it took eight months for officials to start investigating him – three months to find his name, followed by five months of ‘inaction’.

"There were similar delays in mounting more detailed surveillance after the security services received intelligence in March 2013 that Adebowale was handing out extremist material."

In other words, this savage barbarian was telling the British people and the British secret service in plain English, exactly who he was and what he liked, what he believed and what he was going to do-not dissimilar to the way in which Major Hassan telegraphed his entire jihadist plot via Power Point to a castrated US Military audience. 

And what did the establishment, the politicians, and the security apparatus do?

Paperwork, of course.

Beheading by Bureaucracy. Welcome to the formerly Great Britain.

"It took more than a month to complete the paperwork, which was sent backwards and forwards between MI5 lawyers and staff – only being completed one day before the killing.

"Theresa May, the Home Secretary, was finally able to sign the warrant as an ‘urgent application’ only in the hours after Fusilier Rigby had been butchered."

Screw you, Theresa May.