Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cracks in the Newton Massacre "Homeschooled" Narrative: Public Schools, Odd Mother, Very Unsettling Young Man

Never "home schooled".

Ho hum, nothing to see here: 

"Newtown district officials did not meet (school districts have no such obligations regarding homeschooled children). Lanza’s mother evidently worked with a community psychiatrist to provide continuing medical justification for his status. According to the report, she refused all of the district’s offers of special-education support and tutoring for her son. Why she refused, and why the district allowed her to refuse, is not clear."

Furthermore-we're from the government and we're here to help you:

“On a number of levels and on numerous occasions,” the report declares, “the district did not follow appropriate procedures, monitor [Lanza’s] IEP progress for goals and objectives, or document attempts to follow up with providers or the family regarding psychiatric or pediatric care.” As far back as fifth grade, Lanza had written and illustrated an “extremely disturbing” spiral-bound book featuring “images and narrative relating child murder, cannibalism, and taxidermy.Though school officials were aware of the book—an administrator spoke to Lanza’s mother about his attempts to sell copies of it to his peers—no action was taken."