Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Lesson in Obama Grammar

Or ObamaGramma as we might call it.

Grammalamma ding dong!

I noticed yesterday that Obama in the presser that he has this disgusting habit of not only deflecting any responsibility and a complete lack of insight, and not only speaking as the arrogant, narcissist mode little tyrant that he is, but he also tends to fall back a lot on his folksy schtick, with his fake southern accent.

He was not capable of adding a single "g" to any of the verbs he employed yesterday.

He loathes America and Americans. He loathes the American dream and wishes to fundamentally "transform" i.e destroy America as we know it via Executive Order on amnesty.

Anyway, yesterday it was all about workin', tellin', sayin' etc...


Quite a sinister character, this post-American socialist.