Friday, November 7, 2014

Celebrate Vaginal Diversity in the UK!

Approximately 400 genetically mutilated women have shown up at ONE British hospital, according to a British news site

"Alison Byrne, a specialist FGM Midwife at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, says she sees six to seven women a week"

The fact that there are "specialist FGM Midwives" at all in Britain, should in itself be enough of a warning.   But what do I know?

Doesn't this bother anyone in the UK or the civilized world:

"They revealed 454 women had presented to hospitals with FGM in the last six months – including four girls under the age of 16."

"FGM survivor Adama Jabbi, who lives in Birmingham said she nearly died after she was given the procedure in The Gambia as a child.
"They will grab you, blindfold you and two elders will hold you and they will take your legs apart and someone will hold you hands and cover your mouth so they don’t hear you scream."
"It was so painful and there was no anaesthetic. I nearly died because the bleeding was so much I collapsed. I was eight but I can remember everything even now."
"Adama believes more education and awareness is needed to help prevent the next generation of girls from being cut."

Really? More education and awareness? Somehow, I don't think that's going to do the trick.

How about less submission, less exquisite deference to barbarism, less cowardice in discussing these matters publicly, more severe punishments,  and fewer immigrants whose subscribe to these barbaric practices?