Monday, November 3, 2014

"Hello Everybody! There is No Global Warming!"

Mark Steyn's has an update about Mother Earth, Global Warming and his ongoing issues with Big Climate:

Apparently, climate stress is now classified as a recognizable disorder.

Well, I've thought of it as a mental disorder for quite a long time, so why stop the presses now?!??!

(Read the whole thing...then...)

Must read. 

This is really what it's about. 

I love the way the CNN interviewer admits that as far as he is concerned, there are no two sides.

That's a pretty candid reveal. In his world, there is no debate, the science "is settled" and there can only be a conversation about to what degree there is weather global warning climate change.

John Coleman tries valiantly to point out that actual science is never "settled", that most people pontificating about 'climate change' are not, in fact, scientists at all (as he is) and that the reason why most governmental position papers reflect the position that "the science is settled" is because in order to get the dough, you have to spout the party line-that would be the Democrat-left-wayyyyy left line of course.

Mr. Coleman got in quite a few good points and he was unfazed by the host's rudeness.  He also did not take too kindly to being called a "denier", and that's an important point and lesson.

Nobody should take kindly to being called a "denier" with all of its laden, disgusting Holocaust innuendo.

Simply put, whoever owns the terminology owns the debate.

If the terminology is "settled", like the science (NOT), then one side has already lost (see "abortion" and "pro-choice" and "reproductive rights" as examples).

As with personal liberty that is stolen from us by bureaucracy or surrendered by an anesthetized population in drips and drabs, it is very difficult, if not impossible to win "back" terminology wars.

But, as it is said-you are not obliged to finish the task, i.e take the whole battle upon yourself, nor are you free to idle from it.