Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kathy Shaidle's Magnificent Take on "Ghomeshi-quiddick"

Do have a read of Kathy Draidlebaum's excellent TAKI essays on Ghomeshi-quiddick (emphasis on the dick part..)

I mean seriously, leave it to Kathy to find one of the most interesting angles that nobody except her is talking about. Women who "hung out" with Ghomeshi wanted a successful husband-career, not as much. And all the comments about HOW YOUNG his prey was, well all I can add to Kathy's comments is DUH!!!! 

The whole thing is great, and I am particularly amused by her vivisection of Canada's incestuous, genetic lottery media families, to wit:

 "Finally (if only because I’ve run out of space): if genuine seekers must struggle to break into the media in Canada, one reason is that, unless your surname is Fulford, Richler, Paikin, Frum—or you’re Trudeau spawn, however tangentially—you’re more screwed than one of Jian’s conquests.
As Charles Murray could have guessed, Canada’s elite is as incestuous and fortified as the mutant family in The Hills Have Eyes. “Exotic” immigrant Ghomeshi was the exception that glossed over the rule, helpfully giving liberals another reason to feel smug about Canada’s “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

"Writing about the scandal in Maclean’s, Emma Teitel name checked “Jesse Brown, one of two reporters who broke the story in the Toronto Star late on Sunday night.”

“Full disclosure,” Teitel added parenthetically: “Brown is my cousin.

In my opinion, Canada's media families are so boring, predictable, incestuous and consanguineous that it's like Our Own Private Pakistan.