Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mark Steyn: Remembrance, Delusion and Usurpation (UPDATED)

Trying to stay in the mindset of remembrance rather than get pissed. Hard to stay calm when cowardice and dhimmitude is the default setting for remembrance in an allegedly civilized society: 

"Well, that's very nice of them, I'm sure, and the ladies look very charming in them. But, if they wished to reject "extremist groups" and support the armed forces, why couldn't they just wear the same poppies that everybody else wears? Why does a communal ritual observed by the Queen's subjects in every corner of the earth - Canadian, Bermudian, Tuvaluan, black, white, Protestant, Hindu - have to be Islamified to accommodate them?"

Why indeed?

"I don't want Muslims wearing poppy hijabs; I want Muslims wearing poppies - like any other Britons or Canadians or Australians forced by fanatics this Remembrance Day to honor their soldiers through a "steel ring" of security." 

More Remembrance Day reflections from Kathy Shaidle here. 

Spoiler alert: she's pissed-and rightly so.

Jews should be the first ones to recognize and articulate the real problems. Why are Jews obfuscating the identity and ideology of the real murderers? It's enraging. Holocaust-obsessed individuals and organizations look back now at those who escaped the death camps, and at those who tried to warn people and say 'why didn't anyone listen to them'? Why, when the facts were all around them? When the evidence was right in front of their faces?

Pathetically, then-as now, the people telling the truth-Jewish and non-Jewish are mocked and ridiculed. It's a very sick, pathological reaction to existential danger and I reject it completely.

This Remembrance Day, as last, I am going to a service that remembers our soldiers, with the added bonus of having a chance to honour the fighting Jews of the Wingate branch, many of whom are still alive, G-d bless them one and all. I shall report back after.

The Western world needs more fighting Jews, more fighters entirely.

UPDATE via BlazingCatFur

Pull quote that is the most important sentence in the article:  

"Let this be a lesson to the world."