Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Must Read: The Mild Mannered "Nobody" Exposing the Truth About Obama Care

Must read.

Meet the mild-mannered 'nobody' who is exposing the truth about Obama Care. 

Actually, this story shows once again how one person can make a difference and also the incestuous, despicable relationship between the mainstream media and the lying Obama administration.

“When Obama said 'If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period'—frankly, I believed him,” says Weinstein. “He very often speaks with qualifiers. When he said 'period,' there were no qualifiers. You can understand that when I lost my own plan, and the replacement cost twice as much, I wasn’t happy. So I’m watching the news, and at that time I was thinking: Hey, the administration was not telling people the truth, and the media was doing nothing!”

“These people were showing up on the shows, calling themselves architects of the law,” he recalls. “I saw David Cutler, Zeke Emanuel, Jonathan Gruber, people like that. I wondered if these guys had some type of paper trail. So I looked into what Dr. Cutler had said and written, and it was generally all about cost control. After I finished with Cutler, I went to Dr. Gruber. I assume I went through every video, every radio interview, every podcast. Every everything.”

“It’s terrifying that the guy in his mom’s basement is finding his stuff, and nobody else is,” he says.

“I really do find this disturbing.”

Actually, what's terrifying is the extent to wish the administration lied to Americans, the media complicitity in the lies and how nothing mattered to any of them, not the cost, not the potential loss of life-nothing. No lie or deception was too big to present them from getting to the end that justified the means.

This is terrifyingly tyrannical for a constitutional republic.