Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Idiot People: Signs of Hope?!? Hope and Change?

My idiot people are starting to wake up?

A little? 

In the UK of all places?

"Prominent Jewish supporters say problems started in the summer with Mr Miliband's aggressive condemnation of Israel's ground incursion into Gaza last August, which he described as "wrong and unjustifiable". He accused David Cameron of being wrong not to have condemned the land operation and claimed that Israel was "losing friends in the international community day by day". This was followed by a decision to whip a vote calling on the Government to unilaterally recognise Palestine – against long-standing British and Labour policy that recognition should only be part of a negotiated two-state settlement. That decision was opposed by a number of senior Labour MPs – including at least two shadow cabinet ministers – who warned it would haemorrhage Jewish support."

And then this delicious little nugget from America! 

How delicious? 

Now, yes-the overwhelming majority of Jews did vote Democrat, however, you have to be positive about the trend. And if Republican strategists in America had any brains whatsoever, they would not only be using Mark Steyn's new book as their campaign blueprint, but inviting The Honourable Jason Kenney (check him out on Twitter coz he's Stephen Harper's badass) to give them a play by play on how he managed to bring "diversity" to the Canadian PC party. Like actual diversity, from among all of Canada's myriad ethnic communities. 

And, then there are the JOOOOOS, my people. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has an immense Jewish following here in Canada because of his principled leadership and his moral fortitude and many Jews left the Liberal fold because of that.  The Israel issue is not just about Israel, it's about Western civilization. Prime Minister Harper gets that, Prime Minister Netanyahu gets it also and so do many individuals living in Western countries.