Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Day After the Night Before in America

So there!

While I get this day started, one thought that occured to me early in the morning is that I would seriously pay a billion, gazillion, million shekels to either be IN THE ROOM when Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's remarks on the American mid-terms were being crafted or to write them for him.

(Seriously, can you imagine how much restraint it will take to write them, and then deliver them without a hint of gloat or smarm, or "seriously, Obama-f&ck you) all the while paying lip service to the amazing, everlasting, non-partistan partnership and special bond between the countries...)

Alas, the day also started with another incident of vehicular jihad in Jerusalem, and a 38 year old Druze police officer was murdered and there are many others in hospital with serious injuries.

The chief of police for Jerusalem should resign. It's disgraceful that the newest intifadah has been left to burn unfettered under his watch. He has blood on his hands.