Wednesday, January 7, 2015

About Paris

Waking up to read about an atrocity is certainly "better" than waking up and being a part of an unfolding atrocity, or not waking up at all.

Reading the details is certainly "better" than living them, or being the person on the other end of the phone when you get the call, that's it's someone you love or someone you know. I've received that call.

Thinking about the barbarians is certainly "better" than hearing the boom of the bomb from your apartment, which I have as well.

But "better" is certainly a loaded term now, isn't it?

Today, I'm not sad.

I'm angry.

Of course I'm angry that I'm writing another piece about terrorism, this time "About Paris", but it has been about Australia, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beslan, Pakistan, about El Al, about Lebanon and about pretty much every other place in the world. But mostly, I'm angry because I know nothing will change.

Western cultures, our elites, that is, have locked us onto a flight and jammed the controls to autopilot and set our destination to civilizational distruction. It's a one way flight. No refunds.

There is no "leader" in the free world willing and capable of freeing the lock at this moment.

There are voices of warning, voices of rational thinking all over the world crying out, and they-we-try, we try over and over again to make things happen, to change the course of this flight, but our efforts to navigate this suicidal mission, to change the outcome of the big picture are simply for naught.

We cannot trust any world leader to be our captain.

We have no Churchill. No Moses. No Ike.

We have only empty shadows of alleged men in suits, non-warriors dusting off tired cliches, calling for "unity" and repeating the same fail-proof recipe for destroying our beautiful democracies.

Even those "leaders" with 24/7 security hovering over them are afraid of telling the truth of saying even a few truthful words.

If I cannot trust them to describe the situation we face honestly, how can I trust them to lead our civilization?

This is a serious question. How much trust ought any one of us put into even the most 'trusted' leaders of the free world? Precious little, if any.

I am also one of those people who doesn't have much patience for hashtag warriors.

I understand that people need some kind of vehicle for venting their opinion or outrage or whatever, and social media is a safe place to do so.

But that kind of cyber spleen-venting doesn't do anything.

It makes people feel like they are doing something, but they are doing nothing, except perhaps create a false sense of community, or awareness or some other such dreadful placebo with an insidious narcotic effect. 

It neutralizes their ability to understand the following:

The outraged non-masses of all of the Western world on every social media channel combined simply pale in comparison to the monstrous and demonic social media acumen of the barbarians. I am not being defeatist, I am telling you the truth-whether you want to hear it or not.

We cannot trust our "leaders" with the big picture, with the battle, and not even with social media. 

They, the cowards, the elected officials, will ignore the protests and ignore the cries of the people.

They, the despicable cowards, will call for unity. 

With their blinders on, they will continue to spit on those who are demonstrating, those who have mustered the courage to say "I Am Charlie Hedbo" when what they really mean is: no more, enough, stop-get me off this suicide mission!

They will worry about the backlash that never materializes, worry more about the religion of the murderers than the victims themselves.

I can't also help but think that so few "leaders" have learned that what happens to the Jews and to Israel will inevitably happen to the rest of the world.

We, the Jews and Israel are merely the barbarians' living laboratory. 

Every single act of barbarism starting with Jews will end with others as well. Stabbings, poison, car bombs, vehicular, airlines, bombings, gun massacres.

France has been deteriorating for years.

Perhaps there were those French leaders who genuinely thought that the influx of non-democratic masses would eventually just sort itself out? That the No Go Zones would Just Go Away? That the burqa and hijab issues would Just Go Away as well. That shots would be limited to synagogues, kidnappings and murders limited to Jews, bombings limited to kosher restaurants and Jewish day schools? That the violence, left unpunished of course, against police officers was not an escalation?

Perhaps. But most likely not. They are all living and breathing the lies. The lies are their oxygen.

So for today, as always, I vow to concentrate on the micro solutions and you can as well.

Live well, and not in fear.

Call out every single pathetic coward who uses "Islamism", every journalist who capitalizes "prophet" and every single damned coward who says that the terrorists screamed "God is Great" instead of Allahu Akbar.

Raise moral children. Support Israel.

Love life.

Fight the culture of death in all its incarnations.



Hug your loved ones.

Don't surrender even an inch, a joke or cartoon, nor a song. Not a poem or a film or a book.

Don't surrender your soul.

Live as those fearless cartoonists did, fighting real fights, until the very last breath or image is drawn.


Firstly: wise words from Mark Steyn who also would "rather die standing than live on his knees". 

"Charb, Cabu, Tignous, Georges Wolinski and the others who died today were braver men than the stunted eunuchs who dominate the west's political class. The loss of the freedom to make jokes is not a small one, which is why there is an entire section in my latest book called "Last Laughs". To modify Charb and Charlie Hebdo's recent cover, I'd rather die laughing than live in the cowed, craven serf state the malign alliance of totalitarian Islam and a cowardly western leadership is building for us."

And another important note about Georges Wolinski, Z"L: 

In a strange, familiar twist of Jewish fate, his father was also murdered by a Muslim:

"According to Benjamin Ivry, writing for the Forward on January 4, 2012, “Wolinski was born in Tunis to Lola Bembaron, a Tunisian Jew, and Siegfried Wolinski, a Polish Jew. The latter, fleeing Europe’s pogroms, settled in Tunisia to open a wrought iron manufacturing business."

"In 1936 Siegfried Wolinski would be murdered by a disgruntled ex-employee, and although Georges was only a toddler at the time, he tells his wife today: “The ghost of my father has haunted me all my life.”

"The younger Wolinski later sought solace in the Tunis pastry shop, Chez les nègres, owned by his maternal grandfather; he also ogled the city’s less family-friendly prostitutes’ quarter Sid Abdel Aguèche."

"In 1946, his surviving family moved to France, where Wolinski graduated from art school. Stationed during his French military service in Reggane, Algeria, a remote town in the Sahara Desert, Wolinski there admired poster art by the French artist of Polish Jewish origin Roland Topor, advertising a satirical magazine, “Hara-Kiri.”

To summarize:

A Jew is born in Tunisia, Dar Al Islam, because of a Jewish parent fleeing the Nazi pogroms. A Jew is murdered. Remaining Jewish family moves to France to escape the jihad, and well, now we all know how that has worked out.