Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meotti: Islamicized Europe or Nihilism

A very astute essay by the great Guilio Meotti, who I adore even though he depresses the hell out of me.

Eurabia is doomed: 

"Europe’s dominant ideology is anti-racist, philanthropic, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and moralist and it has been very effective in concealing a war under an obscure cult of “tolerance”. Europe’s secularism has become a hotbed for pro-Islamic multiculturalism."

It is a primitive thirdworldism that is leading Europe to tolerate everything coming from the religion of the so-called “poor” and bring her to reclaim the skin of the Jewish people in the name of the recognition of man by man. That is why you find many hysterical anti-Israel militants in the French secular activists and leftist intellectuals."

Read the whole thing. It's devastatingly accurate. 

The United Kingdom is SCREWED as well.