Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Steyn: The Penis Mightier Than the Sword

You should definitely read this, and not just because the word penis is there although that is a totally legitimate reason, in my opinion.

Just sayin....

This is hysterical. 

I was wondering when the gayhad was going to go after Billy Crystal and declare their Supreme Fatwat. 

And, extra bonus is that at least we now know that Mark Steyn is totally chillaxed about sexual diversity and that's the main thing...

"I'm relatively relaxed about having gay sex shoved in my face. But I'm totally bored with having Big Gay compliance shoved down my throat."

(Oh Mark you are SUCH A SQUARE and NO FUN AT ALL!) 

"Why not just yell "Allahu Gaybar!" and get your scimitar out? Who the hell would want to be liked by bullies like that?"

But for serious and totally not for joking: Big Gay are all big pussies anyway, going after honest, pretty benign, pushing geriatric already, not-gay-but-played one on TV, moderately funny, Jewish, Hollywood liberals, so spare me the outrage ZZZZZZZ so sleeeeeeeeepy and boooooored. 

If they had any stones at all, they would comment on the ISIS method of "treating" homosexuals.

Unlike Christian 'conversion' therapy, they have much more efficient ways of dealing with "suspected" gays. 

Throw off building therapy! 

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid was unavailable for comment.